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Complete Big Block Chev 396-454 290cc Aluminium Cylinder Heads with 112cc Chamber (Pair)
2.01" x 1.75" Intake Port, 1.75" x 2.00" Exhaust Port

The Aeroflow Series of Aluminium Cylinder Heads are taking affordable performance street and strip cylinder heads to the next level. These heads utilise ultra-smooth A356-T6 aluminium castings, new as-cast runner and chamber designs produce excellent flow numbers. This combined with a 5-angle competition valve job, diamond-honed bronze guides, hand bowl blending and professional assembly help to outperform some of the best brands in the business.

The Aeroflow Performance big block Chevy cylinder heads are designed for street / race performance engines to give the ultimate in flow at a competitive price. These heads flow 364cfm! Best suited for high revving 454, or 502ci up Big Blocks. Made from A356 aluminium castings, these oval port 290cc cylinder heads are ideal for operating in the idle to 6750 rpm range. The complete heads include larger then stock 1.625" diameter dual valve spring to handle up to .850". Suits solid roller camshafts.

Head Specifications

Material:  A356 Aluminium
Chamber Chamber:  112cc
Intake Port Volume:  290cc
Intake Port Dimension:  2.01" x 1.75"
Exhaust Port Volume:  123cc
Exhaust Port Dimension:  1.75" H x 2.00" W
Exhaust Port Location:  Raised .375"
Spark Plug Location:  OE Stock.
Intake Valve Diameter:  2.25"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:  1.88"
Valve Stem Diameter:  11/32"
Valve Spring Pocket I.D.:  1.735"
Valve Guide Material:  Manganese Bronze
Valve Guide O.D.:  .530" (.570" at base)
Rocker Stud Thread Size:  7/16" x 20
Valve Angle:  24° Intake / 15° Exhaust
Deck Thickness:  .750"
Suggested Components

Head Gasket Mark IV FE1017-1
Intake Gasket ( 1.82" x 2.05" Port Size):  Fel-Pro 1212
Exhaust Gasket ( 1.94" Port Size):  Fel-Pro 1411
Head Bolts : ARP 135-3712
Head Studs: ARP 235-4713.
Spark Plugs (14mm x 3/4" reach with flat gasket seat):  Champion RC9YC
Installed Components

Intake Valves:  2.25" x 5.49" x 11/32", part no. AF59-4271
Exhaust Valves:  1.88" x 5.42" x 11/32", AF59-4272
Valve Springs:  1.65" Dual spring, part no. AF59-4273
Valve Retainers:  10° 11/32", part no. AF59-4274
Valve Locks:  10° 11/32" part no. AF59-4275
Valve Seals:  11/32" x .530"


We recommend to check installed spring seat pressure & open pressure before installing your cylinder heads to make sure the spring pressure is correct for your application.


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