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Complete Small Block Chev 327-350-400 186cc Aluminium Cylinder Heads with 67cc Chamber (Pair)
2.00" x 1.20" Intake Port, 1.42" x 1.53" Exhaust Port

The Aeroflow Series of Aluminium Cylinder Heads are taking affordable performance street and strip cylinder heads to the next level. These heads utilise ultra-smooth A356-T6 aluminium castings, new as-cast runner and chamber designs produce excellent flow numbers. This combined with a 5-angle competition valve job, diamond-honed bronze guides, hand bowl blending and professional assembly help to outperform some of the best brands in the business. Include valves, valve springs, retainers & locks, guide plates and 7/16" rocker studs.

The Aeroflow Performance small block Chevy cylinder heads are designed for entry level street performance engines to give the ultimate in flow at a budget price. Made from A356 aluminium castings, the 186cc cylinder heads are ideal for operating in the idle to 6500 rpm range. These cylinder heads will fit a 4.00" bore and larger. Theses complete heads include larger then stock 1.43" diameter valve springs to handle up to .575" maximum lift. Suits flat tappet and hydraulic camshafts.

Head Specifications

Material:  A356 Aluminium
Chamber Chamber:  67cc
Intake Port Volume:  186cc
Intake Port Dimension:  2.00" x 1.20"
Exhaust Port Volume:  72cc
Exhaust Port Dimension:  1.42" H x 1.53" W
Spark Plug Location:  Straight
Intake Valve Diameter:  2.02"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:  1.60"
Valve Stem Diameter:  11/32"
Valve Spring Pocket I.D.:  1.49"
Valve Guide Material:  Manganese Bronze
Valve Guide O.D.:  .530" (.570" at base)
Rocker Stud Thread Size:  7/16" x 14
Valve Angle:  23°
Deck Thickness:  .625"

Valve Spring Specifications

Installed Height: 1.790"
Installed Pressure: 130lbs
Open Pressure: 290lbs @ 500"
Maximum Lift: .530" @ 1.260"
Coil Bind: 1.200"
Spring Outside Diameter: 1.450"
Spring Inside Diameter: 0.700"
Spring Free Length: 1.350"
Valve Spring Retainer Outside Diameter: 1.400"
Valve Spring Inside Diameter: 0.395"
Valve Spring Retainer Step 1: 1.060"
Valve Spring Retainer Step 2: 0.680"
Valve Spring Locator Outside Diameter: 1.570"
Valve Spring Locator Inside Diameter: 0.565"

Suggested Components

Head Gasket:  Fel-Pro 1003
Intake Gasket (1.20 x 2.00 Port Size):  Fel-Pro 1204
Exhaust Gasket (1.34 x 1.39 D Port Size):  Fel-Pro 1406
Head Bolts:  ARP 134-3601 or 134-3701
Head Studs:  ARP 134-4001 or 234-4301
Spark Plugs (14mm x 3/4" reach with flat gasket seat):  Champion RC9YC
Installed Components

Intake Valves:  2.02" x 4.91" x 11/32", part no. AF59-3501
Exhaust Valves:  1.60" x 4.91" x 11/32", part no. AF59-3502
Valve Springs:  1.43" Single (with damper), part no. AF59-3503
Valve Retainers:  7° 11/32", part no. AF59-3504
Valve Locks:  7° 11/32" part no. AF59-3505
Valve Seals:  11/32" x .530"
Rocker Arm Studs:  7/16"-14 x 7/16"-24, part no. AF59-3506
Push Rod Guide Plates:  5/16" Flat, part no. AF59-3507


We recommend to check installed spring seat pressure & open pressure before installing your cylinder heads to make sure the spring pressure is correct for your application.

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