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Pro Street Drag 18.5" Aluminium Race Seat, Black Finish
470mm Hip Width

Aeroflow pro street aluminium racing seats are a lightweight seat option that provides added strength and safety for your race car. Constructed from 2.5mm thick 5052 grade aluminium with offset rolled extrusion around the entire seat and reinforced head rest. The strategically positioned contours on the exterior are TIG-welded while the inside is MIG welded which results in improved structural rigidity and a more comfortable ride. Each seat features moulded rubber guards around double shoulder belt openings and lower belt openings to accommodate most racing harnesses. As well as snap fasteners around the seat for a cover to clip onto. These race seats offered in a range of hip sizes from 15" up to 20", with the 18.5" and 20" with longer bottoms, belt openings moved forward, side bolsters, and raised rear belt openings to accommodate larger drivers. The option for both a raw alloy finish and black finish are available with a cover and seat mounts sold separately.

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