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Water to Air Intercooler, 14" x 15" x 9"
Recommended for up to 1500 CFM / 1200 HP

A water to air intercooler is one where the exchange of heat occurs between water and air. Water is passed through the core of the intercooler instead of air which is responsible for drawing the heat out of the intake air through the intercooler so that the heat from your charge pipes is transferred to the water. These water to air intercoolers can be mounted anywhere, and just needs to have water plumbed to it. The Aeroflow Performance water to air intercoolers is great alternative to your conventional air to air intercoolers as you have a constant flow of cool water circulating through the intercooler core at all times. This is especially useful during drag racing, when the core temperature raises significantly during a pass, and then the car sits still for several minutes.

Another bonus is the incredible low pressure drop these water to air intercoolers provide with as low as 0.05 psi recorded on most of our range. Along with a great design in the core and end tanks allow it to operate at continuous pressure of up to 150 psi (10.34 bar). These water to air intercoolers can be installed to almost any application from drag car to street car. They are all a universal fitment, featuring -12ORB female ports for custom plumbing. These water to air intercoolers flow water, they require a water pump, a reservoir, and a heat exchanger mounted somewhere that will receive good airflow to cool the water.

Intercooler Specifications

Total Size: 341mm (13.43") x 376mm (14.8") x 228mm (9")
Core Size: 270mm (10.6") x 225mm (8.8") x 228mm (9")
Recommended for up to 1500 CFM / 1200 HP
Maximum Water / Air Pressure: 70 psi (4.82 bar)
Air Inlet / Outlet: 88.9mm (3.5")
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