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Saginaw Power Steering Pump - Chrome Finish
GM Saginaw Pump with No Pulley

You definitely know when your power steering pump fails. Turning the wheel becomes a muscle-building workout. Aeroflow Performance offers a GM Saginaw power steering pump designed to look as great as they perform in any application. Whether replacing an OEM unit or refreshing your system-specific pump, these high quality pumps deliver exactly what you need. It features a reservoir, chrome cap, a new dipstick. Pumps are 1200 PSI rated at 2.9-3.1 GPM to work with most gearbox systems.

Chrome Finish.
Pulley is sold separately. Single Pulley AF83-1003
Double Pulley AF83-1004
Pulley Shaft is 5/8” (16mm) Keyway.
3/8-16” mounting holes. 3/8” barb.
M16 x 1.5mm inverted flare fitting.
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