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Boosted 6662 .82 A/R Turbo Exhaust Housing
V-Band Inlet and V-Band Outlet, 304 Stainless Steel

Boosted Dual V-Band Stainless Steel Turbine Housing

0.82 compressor ratio ( A.R ) 304 stainless exhaust housing.

V-band turbine outlet flange AF8080-1000.
V-band turbine inlet flange AF8080-1010.
Suits Boosted turbos with a 10-blade 62mm turbine exducer wheel:

AF8005-3010 / AF8005-3010BLK

AF8005-3011 / AF8005-3011BLK

AF8005-3012 / AF8005-3012BLK

AF8005-3015 / AF8005-3015BLK

AF8005-3016 / AF8005-3016BLK

AF8005-3017 / AF8005-3017BLK

AF8005-3023 / AF8005-3023BLK

AF8005-3026 / AF8005-3026BLK

AF8005-3027 / AF8005-3027BLK

AF8005-4000 / AF8005-4000BLK

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