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Dual EFI Pump Under-Car Surge Tank
Polished Finish, Use With AF49-1014 Pumps

Dual EFi Pump Compact Surge Tank.

These compact surge tanks are designed to work with our AF49-1014 fuel pumps, which have a 60mm body and are similar to the popular Bosch 044 pump. These smart little tanks are designed to have fuel pumps submerged in fuel for a quieter operation and longer life of the fuel pump. These tanks feature -8 ORB ports for a positive seal allowing many options to plumb the fuel system. Fits AF939-08-10 Y-piece to merge the pumps to a female -10 ORB port. The tank can be mounted below the floor (Part Number AF77-4244 & AF77-4244BLK. The tank is available in either Polished or Black anodised finshes. Black anodised is recommended for Ethanol or Methanol fuel systems. A block off plate is also included so you can run a single pump rather than the dual setup.

NOTE: Be sure to safely upgrade wiring, fuses and relays to handle extra electrical load.

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