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Fire System Line Kit
Kit includes 25ft. (7.6m) Line and 6 x Nozzles

Aeroflow’s Fire System line kit features 25ft (7.5m) of hard line, 6 x 180° Spray Pattern Injector Nozzles, 5 x T-pieces, 21 x Tube Nuts, 21 x Tube Sleeves and 2 x 1/8” NPT to -4AN adapters. This whole kit is anodized black for that stealth look working seamlessly with the AF64-6000 Billet Fire Supression Injector Nozzle Head.

Kit Includes:

25ft (7.5 meters) 1/4” (6mm) hardline

6 x 180 Degree spray pattern injector nozzles

5 x -4AN flare tee pieces (AF824-04BLK)

21 x -4AN tube nuts (AF818-04BLK)

21 x 1/4” tube sleeves (AF819-04BLK)

2 x 1/8” NPT to -4AN ( AF816-04BLK)

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