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Compact Blow Off Valve - Black
Complete Kit with Weld-on Flange and V-Band

The Aeroflow Performance universal compact vent to atmosphere blow off valve is designed to keep your turbo shaft speed at a maximum which is greatly reduced in speed by changing gears or backing off the throttle and the air found in your intercooler pipes bouncing back off the throttle blade and surging against the compressor wheel causing it to slow and feel lagging when the next gear is pulled. For use on turbocharged and supercharged applications. The body components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminium alloy with brass internals. The adjustable top body can be screwed in each direction to provide increased or decreased spring tension with added shims to internally adjust this for more spring tension. An alloy and stainless weld on pipe are included in each kit. These weld on pipes lock onto the bottom of BOV via a lock ring with grub screws to secure into place and seals with a Viton O-ring. The outlet screw in barb included in the kit is 32mm barb. Various other sizes are sold separately under our plumb back barb adapter range (20mm up to 38mm).

Body Diameter - 91mm

Body Height - 80mm

Body Height with flange - 110mm

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