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Cast Aluminium 4 Barrel 1375cfm Throttle Body
Black Finish. Suit 4150/4500

The Aeroflow Performance 4-barrel throttle body is the perfect complement for your fuel injection system. This high-quality diecast finished component is an affordably priced option compared to our billet version. This 1375 CFM throttle body utilizes 4150 pattern flange to suit a variety of intake manifold with 4150-style square-bore carburetor flange and standard bolt spacing. The 44.45mm (1-3/4)” bore is designed with a special radius which promotes maximum air flow and minimum turbulence 6.3mm (1/4”) thread in center for air filter stud.
This throttle body will accept a standard air cleaner with a 5-1/8” flange and includes a GM style idle air control (IAC) motor with a GM style throttle position sensor (TPS) and GM LS3 style MAP sensor. Multiple vacuum ports are also provided on the throttle body ( 2x 3/8”, 2 x 1/4” 2 x 3/16” )

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