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Spin On Reusable Billet Oil Filter - Black
Suits 3/4" & 13/16" Threads

Our Billet reusable high flow oil filters have a stainless steel 30-micron filter element that can be easily cleaned and re-used. There is an internal state of the art magnet which has an amazing 50kg pull which traps any additional loose metal particles for further protection, as well as an internal by-pass featured.
This Universal filter has a dual O-ring base with 1"-12 thread with screw in adapters. This takes oil filters with the following threads:
M18 x 1.50mm
M20 x 1.50mm
M22 x 1.50mm thread.

Has a built in 1" (25mm) Hex on bottom for easy removal.

We recommend the 30-micron element (AF59-2016-30) for light to medium weight oil (0W-20W). If you are using heavy weight oil (20W to 60W) we recommend to purchase the AF59-2016-60 which is a 60 micron that is sold separately.

Replacement Thread Insert Kit (AF59-2016). This kit has replacement thread inserts and O-rings to suit this Aeroflow Performance billet re-usable oil filter.

Filter Dimensions:
Height - 4-3/8” (110mm)
Diameter - 3-7/8” (97mm)

Oil Filter landing O-ring Dimensions:
Small O-ring seals - 67mm
Large O-ring seals - 81mm

Thread inserts (3/4”-16 internal thread)
3/4”-16 thread insert (Gold)
13/16”-16 thread insert (Blue)
M18 x 1.5mm thread insert (Silver)
M20 x 1.5mm thread insert (Black)
M22 x 1.5mm thread insert (Green)

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