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Ford 289-302W Hi-Rise Single Plane Intake Manifold, Black Finish
3000 - 8000 RPM, Square Bore Carburettor Pad, Non-EGR

Get the maximum power from your carburetted engine with this Hi Rise Small Block Ford carburetted cast intake manifold. This single-plane intake manifold is designed to keep your air and fuel distribution going into the engine at a steady and even flow for maximum performance and efficiency. The carburettor-mounting pad is designed to accept aftermarket square-bore carburettors with either manual or electric choke options available on today’s market. Specifically designed for 289,302 and 351 cubic inch small-block Ford Windsor engines operating from 3000 to 7500 rpm range. In most cases, these manifolds accept late model water necks, air conditioning, alternator and H.E.I. ignition systems.

This manifold is a Hi-Rise race style manifold designed for high rpm. It does feature dual distributor hold-downs and four corner water ports plus a fifth water outlet in the front of the manifold.

Intake Runners should be port matched to your cylinder heads for optimal performance.

• Fits Small Block Ford 289 and 302 Windsor Engines.

• Single Plane Configuration.

• RPM operating range - 3000 to 7000.

• Black Finish.

Manifold Specifications

- Square bore carburettor pad
- Overall height (Carb pad to bottom of manifold) is 150mm (Ensure to Check Bonnet Clearance)
- Port Size: 1.10" x 1.90"
- Intake manifold gasket, Fel Pro 1250
- 5/16-18" carburettor studs (x4)
- 1/2" NPT ports (x1)
- 3/8" NPT ports (x3)

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