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BB Chev Hi-Rise Single Plane Intake Manifold, Natural Cast Finish
3500 - 7500 RPM, Square Bore Carburettor Pad, Non-EGR

Get the maximum power from your carburetted engine with this Hi Rise Big Block Chevy carburetted cast intake manifold. This single-plane intake manifold is designed to keep your air and fuel distribution going into the engine at a steady and even flow for maximum performance and efficiency. The carburettor-mounting pad is designed to accept aftermarket square-bore carburettors with either manual or electric choke options available on today’s market. Fits 396-454 & 502ci great for large cubic inch big-block Chevy engines with oval-port cylinder heads operating from 3500 to 7500 rpm range. In most cases, these manifolds accept late model water necks, air conditioning, alternator and H.E.I. ignition systems.

This manifold is a Hi-Rise race style manifold designed for high rpm and large cubic inch engines. It does feature dual distributor hold-downs and four corner water ports plus a fifth water outlet in the front of the manifold.

Intake Runners should be port matched to your cylinder heads for optimal performance.

• Fits Big Block Chevy 396-502 Cubic Inch Engines.

• Single Plane Configuration.

• RPM operating range - 3500 to 7500.

• Natural Cast Finish.

Manifold Specifications

- Square bore carburettor pad
- Overall height (Carb pad to bottom of manifold) is 160mm (Ensure to Check Bonnet Clearance)
- Port Size: 1.60" x 1.94"
- Intake manifold gasket, Fel Pro 1212
- 5/16-18" carburettor studs (x4)
- 5/16-18" mounting holes (x2)
- 3/8-16" distributor hold down mounting hole (x2)
- 1/2" NPT ports (x5)

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