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5500 Series Stainless Steel 3-1/2" Offset/Center Muffler
3-1/2" Inlet and Outlets, 16" Length, 11.77" Width, 6" Height.

Aeroflow's 5500 series mufflers are the perfect choice for today's street driven high horsepower turbo cars where both flow for maximum performance and dB reduction are critical. Manufactured from durable 16 gauge TIG welded 304 stainless steel. Aeroflow's 5500 series mufflers are a packed style with perforated tube design that aids performance. Compact case dimensions will fit many applications, perfect for the single system or dual exhaust.

Muffler Specifications:
Configuration: Offset Inlet with Center Outlet
Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 3-1/2"
Length: 16" (406mm)
Width: 11.77" (299mm)
Height: 6" (152mm)
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