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XPRO Universal SS Ignition Coil
Use with Ready to Run Distributors

Engineered with advanced bobbin technology, high turns ratio windings encased in a protective polyurethane compound for higher energy and voltage outputs. Results in quicker starts, improved idle quality, crisper throttle response and cleaner high RPM power. These coils are compatible with OEM ignition and capacitive discharge ignition systems. Coil comes complete with vibration mounts and terminals for easy installation.

Coil Specifications
Turns ratio: 70:1
Primary resistance: .355 ohms
Secondary resistance: 4.4K ohms
Inductance: 6.9 mH
Maximum voltage: 40,000 Volts
Peak Current: 300 Ma
Spark Duration: 220 uS

Overall Length: 89mm
Overall Width: 55mm
Overall Height: 68mm

This coil can be mounted in any position

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