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GM LS Head Stud Kit with Even Length Studs
12 Point Nuts, Suit 2004 and On Engines, 8740 Grade Material

Aeroflow Performance head studs greatly improve your cylinder head-to-block sealing compatibilities. This is important in engines with high power adders such as turbochargers, superchargers or nitrous. They can even be a great addition to a mildly modified build as insurance against failure. All head studs provide a more accurate and consistent torque loading over traditional head bolts.

These head studs are manufactured from aircraft quality 8740 high tensile strength chromoly steel and cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity within the stud. Meaning these studs are rated up to 190,000 psi making them stronger than Grade 8 and OEM fasteners. All kits come complete with 12-point nuts and hardened washers for an even load distribution and accurate torque readings.

Kit Contains

20 x Even Length Studs - 133mm Overall Length, 50mm Shank Length. M11 x 2.00mm thread into Engine Block, M11 x 1.25mm Nut End.

20 x 12 Point Nuts - M11 x 1.25mm Thread. 18mm Outside Diameter, 11.60mm Height.

20 x Flat Washers - 20mm Outside Diameter, 11.10mm Inside Diameter, 3mm Thickness.

10 x Support Studs - 63.75mm Overall Length, 9mm Shank Length. M8 x 1.25mm thread into Engine Block, 7/16"-20 Nut End.

10 x 12 Point Nuts - 7/16"-20 Thread. 15.70mm Outside Diameter, 10mm Height.

10 x Flat Washers - 15.75mm Outside Diameter, 8.50mm Inside Diameter, 2mm Thickness.

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