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Holden V8 253, 304, 308 Intake Bolts - Black Finish
12 Point Head, Pack of 1 0

When installing a new intake manifold it is recommended to upgrade your intake bolts, some standard intake manifold bolts won't work depending on aftermarket intake manifolds. These Aeroflow intake bolts are made from chrome moly 8740 for strength. They are coated in a black oxide finish for protection and long-lasting durability. Each bolt features a compact 12-point head which is ideal for use where space is minimal on most aftermarket intake manifolds compared to the factory bolts with a larger head. Each set includes thick flat washers for optimum clamping pressures to ensure a sure seal.

Sold as a set of 12.

Thread size : 3/8"-16
Under Head Length: 38.40mm
Head Diameter: 13.60mm
Shank Diameter: 9.30mm
Shank Length: 8mm

Washer Outside Diameter: 18mm
Washer Inside Diameter: 10.05mm
Washer Thickness: 3mm

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