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Ford Falcon FG Engine Mount
Suit XR6 Barra standard replacement, Black Urethane, Sold as a Pair

Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
Series: FG
Body: Sedan, Wagon, Utility.
Engine: XR8 V8, XR6 Barra 4.0 Litre (Non-Turbo and Turbo).

Aeroflow Performance engine mounts are a great upgrade for your daily driver, high performance or competition car. Be sure the engine sits in the right place every time with these engine mounts that are designed as a direct bolt up for conversion cars and also OEM replacement with no extra adapters required. Due to excessive movement the factory OE engine mounts are prone to failure or just everyday wear and tear. The black polyurethane bushes and high-quality steel mounts isolates the engine from the chassis, resulting in vibration suppression and allowing the power to get to the ground where it is needed. The two-piece bolt together design of these engine mounts allow the end user to split the two halves for ease of removal or installation of the engine to the chassis.

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