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Oil Filter Information


Aeroflow oil filters have been designed to incorporate all the latest technology to provide great filtration with minimal restriction so that your engine performs at it’s best with great protection. Aeroflow filters use an improved coil spring design to replace the commonly used 'leaf' style spring and incorporate CNC machined thread for a precise fit. An ultra high-temp silicone anti-drain back valve and by-pass valve in some models helps to prevent dry starts increasing engine life. An extra-thick backing plate and housing offers superior strength and pressure fatigue resistance which provides added protection against pressure surges in racing applications, construction also includes a hi-flow heavy duty base plate that features a fully tucked double seam.

oil filters

Aeroflow oil filters use a Buna-N rubber gasket which is compatible with most racing fuels and lubricants. 24mm - 15/16” hex release nut allows simple and easy removal and incorporates a hole for use with lock wire. Aeroflow oil filters use a premium pleated synthetic blend media provides increased filtration at high flow rates with minimal pressure drop as well as a louvred centre tube that allows more flow area & eliminates media wear during pleat movement.

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Aeroflow Oil Filter Warranty

In the unlikely event that an Aeroflow oil filter is found to be faulty or defective in material and/or workmanship, Aeroflow will replace it for you free of charge. In the event of an engine failure directly caused by a defective Aeroflow oil filter, which was professionally installed and changed following the engine manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, Aeroflow will repair the damaged engine to the state of the engine immediately prior to the damage. Claims for engine repairs provided under this warranty must be submitted within 30 days after discovery of damage. Aeroflow reserve the right to examine the engine and filter to determine the amount of damage and whether it was caused by a defective Aeroflow oil filter. Engine manufacturers warranty remain in effect when Aeroflow oil filters are used.

Conditions of this warranty

This warranty covers oil filters fitted to engines in accordance with current vehicle listings.

This Warranty does not extend to labour charges or external charges, i.e. towing

This warranty does not apply to product that:
• Has been subject to Intentional misuse, neglect, negligence, damage
• That has been improperly maintained, operated or installed
• Has not been installed with accordance with the vehicle, engine manufacturer’s recommendations
• Has not been installed in accordance with current Aeroflow published catalogue vehicle listings
• Is subject to any other external factor outside of the control of Aeroflow

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